Online Postpartum Doula Certification, Module 2, Lesson 5

Online Postpartum Doula Certification Training

Module 2 (Postpartum Period and Lactation)

Lesson 5:  Medicinal Plants and Foods During the Postpartum Period


Congratulations for embarking on your journey as an

Original Instructions Postpartum and Lactation Doula



 Please read and answer the following questions and return to in the form of a google doc, email, pdf or a scan/ high-quality photo of handwritten format.



     As an Original Instructions Postpartum and Lactation Doula, you have learned that in order to serve as a true resource and advocate for women's health we must possess and continually cultivate an understanding of the type of nutrition and herbal allies that are optimal for a healthy and fulfilling postpartum period. 

         In this lesson, we will revisit and fortify your understanding of nutritive and herbal medicine for women and their bodies throughout the postpartum period and lactation.

The basic knowledge of how to nourish and care for one's self with common medicines derived from the Earth used to be known by all women.     It is called "common medicine" or  "medicine of the people". As an Original Instructions Doula, this is part of what you are reclaiming.

1.)  Medicinal plants with adaptogenic properties and why they are crucial in supporting hormonal homeostasis throughout the postpartum period.

 Once the mother has given birth her hormones quickly ramp up and slow down. In order to help give the mother an extra boost in the face of adrenal fatigue and hormonal fall-out, we offer healing plants which have an affinity towards the struggles of women and also possess strong adaptogenic properties. 

  When mothers experience substantial difficulties with lactation and postpartum depression it is often due to a lack of homeostasis within the hormonal system as well as due to a lack of vital minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin d, phosphorus, iron, and more. 

  Our favorite adaptogen to offer women during their postpartum period is Motherwort. 

                                      Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca)

     Please Watch the Video Below:

Dr. Freed Speaks About Motherwort


 Answer the following questions

       1. Please name some of the benefits of offering a mother knowledge of/ access to medicinal foods and plants with adaptogenic properties during her postpartum period. 



        2. Are you able to cultivate or wildcraft Motherwort where you are currently living? If not, are you able to order bulk dried motherwort?


        3. Please name at least two other plants and/or foods containing adaptogenic properties which would be appropriate to offer a woman during her postpartum period. 



       Homework: Either cultivate, wildcraft, or order Motherwort so that you are able to physically engender a relationship with Motherwort. Interact with the live plant before sunrise or sunset by sitting nearby the plant and listening for at least 20 minutes. If you are unable to access the fresh plant then drink a strong motherwort tea before sunrise while sitting outside and sit in silence for at least 20 minutes. 


  Susan Weed Speaks About Home Remedies for Breastfeeding (to be continued in Lesson 6)




Please complete all of the indicated questions and homework. Upon completion, you may turn in your typed or written answers and journal entries in the form of google docs, pdf file, scanned attachment or HD photo to