Original Instructions School Internal Arts Retreats

     Our Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreats are luxurious eco retreats hosted at various sacred sites in breath taking locations on Earth.


   The purpose of our Internal Arts Retreats is to create space for our students and community members to experience potent and authentic traditional Indigenous healing ceremonies in a retreat style context which provides the opportunity to acquire and hone their own skills in the internal arts. 

      Original Instructions School provides our students and community members with the unique and invaluable opportunity to not only experience traditional healing ceremonies but also to personally learn from the Elders and shamanic practitioners who are working the ceremony.

     What do we mean by 'internal arts" ? In our Original Instructions education programs we use the phrase 'internal arts' to signify fields of study and practice that promote the cultivation of a strong relationship between the self and the Soul, the mind its' ancestral memory.

      There are an enormous amount of avenues through which to approach the internal arts and so, to specify, we have complied a list of some of the internal arts training and experiences you can expect to be present during your Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreat;

- Traditional shamanic ceremonies including plants like Ayahuasca and Huachuma

- Scheduled time for you to learn with our featured Elder who will be working your ceremonies

- Secluded retreat style lodging with breath taking views

- Outtings to local sacred sites where we will leave prayer offering in a manner traditional to that region

- Daily lessons and training from our Original Instructions teachers on the subjects of yoga, herbalism, divination and dream work.

- At least one personal treatment from our Original Instructions practitioners with a focus of healing what ever issue(s) is most pressing for you

 - Guided daily meditation (in the morning and evening)

 - Pure drinking water, nourishing organic food and medicinal teas.