Osteopath, Doula, and Guest Teacher Erin Hetty Wen


   Having always had a fascination with the human body and its potential, Erin Wen trained in dance (Jazz and Ballet) throughout her teenage years, which ignited her curiosity to understand movement and the bio-mechanics of the body as well as expression of the self. Naturally, Erin was attracted to yoga and obtained her 200-hr yoga certification in 2009. After being a yoga instructor in New York for several years, however, she felt compelled to learn and understand more about the human body which started her path as a therapist. During this journey, she was introduced to the body-mind connection which led Erin to obtain my B.S. in Applied Psychology.

    In 2014, Erin moved to London to obtain her Masters Degree in Osteopathy and Naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine together with an in depth course in Classical Osteopathy. As a therapist trained in this philosophy, Erin believes in the power of the body to self-heal and self-regulate. Through observation and manual therapy, her job is to bring back stability, coordination, and integration to the people she serves. Treatment is focused on the patient's needs and abilities, aiming to improve functionality and promoting long-term health. Osteopathy is a healing practice that not only addresses the main complaint/condition but also looks to further integrate and reinstate continuity throughout the whole body.

   As an osteopath, Erin discovered her passion for women's health and  went onto obtain her Birth Doula Certification through the Original Instructions School. She believes osteopathic manual techniques can be very useful to support women throughout their pregnancy, and is very excited to share these techniques with you during your Original Instructions Doula certification training.