Restorative Winter Retreat, Online Program

 The online version of our Restorative Winter Retreat offers all of the nourishing recipes, herbal remedies, DIY natural body care regimes, stories, and songs as our in-person retreats in an affordable format which can be enjoyed from any location.

  Our Online Restorative Winter Retreat program is comprised of 16 long-distance lessons which arrive one-by-one into your email inbox every 2 days and in totality include:

     - 12 step by step recipes (with images) for medicinal meals which nurture and fortify

    - 8 instructional videos on the benefits of various herbal allies which restore vitality, and how to incorporate them into your regular diet when appropriate

    - 4 recipes for DIY natural rejuvenating body care (with images and video)

    - 2 recordings of traditional stories about persevering through the Winter, which also feature traditional singing

     - 2 hours of guided meditation and centering exercises



  This online self-care program is meant to add to the quality of your life, and to neutralize any stress you may be experiencing. Therefore, we want to reiterate that all lessons provided to you are not assignments but rather are resources for you to draw from as you choose. 

   Experience our Online Restorative Winter Retreat program today!


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