Robyn Sheldon

Robyn Sheldon

Midwife, Author, Doula (Soula) trainer, and Guide through Soul Integration Work


    Robyn Sheldon designed the Soul Integration programme for connecting individuals to their innermost resources. Her work has been described as helping people to birth an expanded form of consciousness into their own worlds. She guides pregnant parents individually to connect to the souls of their unborn babies, and her birth preparation classes assist parents to create sacred and meaningful births for themselves and their babies.

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  The Soul Integration work around the birthing process is captured in her book, “The Mama Bamba Way”, which describes Robyn’s birthing philosophies and brings her practice to thousands of parents across the world.

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  Robyn is a certified midwife who coaches medical students in compassionate care, she writes books, runs training courses in Soul Integration, and has more than 25 years of in-depth experience in meditation practice. She co-founded the Compassionate Birth Project, designed to reduce high levels of midwife stress and subsequent obstetric abuse in maternity wards. 

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