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The Weaver of Lives

by Elena Garcia Quevedo


Do you believe in coincidences? I do not anymore. The day I met Grandmother Shirley, I found the key. Grandmother has mixed blood and lives in a remote valley of Pennsylvania along the Delaware River. Throughout her life she worked as a children's teacher, defining herself as a spider woman.

Her centuries-old house of stone and wood crunch with the old souls of the Cherokees whose blood runs through their veins. Hawks make circles that the old woman interprets in the language of the soul. The woman is 81 years old and walks barefoot on the earth covered with cedar leaves, sings, lights the fire, smokes her pipe of peace and sometimes
tell stories.

For decades she worked as a teacher but when she turned 64 she saw a vision of a large spider drawn in the sky and her Lakota medicine teacher taught her to repair the broken threads that make up the frozen soul of women who become unable to face their lives.

Since then, more than fifteen years ago, people arrive at her house from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Europe and all reaches of the world. People who, based on loneliness, frustration, childhood wounds and forgetting what is important in life have frozen their soul, body and heart; They have frozen their lives.

It is no coincidence that at that same moment in time dozens of psychologists who have been sources for my writing also began to do identical work addressing frozen parts of the traumatized self but with a mind centered focus.

The legends tell that thousands of years ago the spider wove the dream of the world which later manifested itself and that it was she who created the first alphabet so that humans could create medicine stories. The whole spider's body is divided into two circles which, when united, form the symbol of infinity as a sign of the infinite possibilities offered by life. The spider woman has eight legs to weave fate in any direction and break the illusion of tragedy.

"A woman has the web of her soul broken when she lives submerged in a huge sadness, is dissatisfied, lacks self-esteem and feels unable to pull forward, "says Grandmother Shirley. And of this she knows well. She has lost two children to cancer, married a Palestinian man deeply wounded by the war in his land and worked as a teacher in a school in the south of the United States dedicated entirely to black children when racial segregation still reigned.

The day that, thanks to our common friend Christine, I came to her, the old woman broke the mourning after the death of her daughter. A teacher in the art of getting ahead, the old woman guided us in the shade of a cedar. She lit her pipe of peace, blessed the cardinal points and invited us to smoke with it to start a new stage in our lives.

Grandmother says she repairs with her songs and stories the souls of her patients and creates new paths whose goal of love and joy which give meaning to everything. She also says that it is each woman who must learn to dance and dance on the web of her soul.

The old woman sits with her back to the chimney of her wooden house, next to the control stick on which she sometimes leans like the women who for years lived with the frozen soul. People who in their childhood were abused, harassed, raped and had closed to life but with the guidance of this old woman managed to heal and cure themselves.

We are at the end of September, just at the moment when I am about to put an end to my book of stories and ancestral myths destined to heal the feminine soul.

I insist Are there coincidences?

The book that I have already written begins with an old weaver and the baton Grandmother Shirley holds has a sculpted turtle, wolf,  spider, snake, the cardinal points and resembles a
sword; those characters are some of the protagonists of the book of medicine stories that you are about to read.

Without having met Grandmother Shirley for months I have been writing about the secrets of this woman and women weavers of lives that like her, sowed in the soul of the world of the medicine stories that you are on the verge of reading.

How and why do they work?

It’s easy. Nobody can travel a road if they do not know or imagine that it exists. For this reason most women live within the patriarchal matrix that has educated them with fears of leaving the known. Learning is very similar to programming on a computer, and the mind has a system operative that makes decisions with what has been learned.

Classic stories and myths have the ability to open new paths of personal fulfillment because they speak the language of dreams and are allegories of the processes of the mind. They speak of the masculine and the internal female and how the woman creates a balance with them. Women weave in the soul of the world and spin together different routes, stops along the way and forces at work. The woman who advances towards her realization discovers these abilities little by little. Some of this wisdom has come to us through written texts but much more have been preserved through word of mouth, from grandmother to granddaughter, from generation to generation; reaching back to the beginning of time when woman knew who she was.

Some wise men say that these stories have arrived now because we live in a time of complete change in which the life of everyone and the planet itself depends
on the woman healing her wounds so that the feminine takes the reins of her journey back.

These are stories to create new beginnings.

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