OIS Mini Course: Shamanic Herbalism 101

Join us for this invaluable and exciting class series, dedicated to all of the Benevolent Plant Spirits.
Through our Traditional Shamaic Herbalism class series we will take a deep dive into traditional Indigenous foundational principles, energetics, and hands on skills in regards to medicinal plants ----> The Plant Nations. Together we will remember the ancient ways of preparing and administering Plant Medicine, thereby providing potency to your practice(s) within the realms of Herbalism.

  Each class in this series will consist of a combination of theoretical information and guided hands on practice taught by Brittany Jade. Every week in this series we will be joined by guest instructors from around the world, who will share their varying relationships and practices with Traditional Shamanic Herbalism. 

Journaling prompts for the new mom

affirmations and images

true stories of finding your way into motherhood

herbal recipes 

medicinal food recipes 

lifestyle tips 

- A printable 54 page digital booklet containing instructions and exercises for optimal care for the Postpartum Period according to the Original Instructions, for Postpartum women and their care providers. 

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