January 7th + 8th, 2023 - Online (Live!) via Zoom - Advocating for and Accommodating Survivors of Sexual/ Reproductive Trauma

 A certification training for Herbalists, Birth Workers, Care Providers, and Human Beings of all kinds

Online (live!) via Zoom   

 Saturday and Sunday, January 7th and 8th, 2023
from 10am-4pm PST

 Now more than ever before it is clear that addressing current and past sexual / reproductive traumas is relevant to a large percentage of the people who you will relate with (in whatever capacity) throughout your life. It is extremely pertinent to take action and gain tools for recognizing, accommodating, and resolving traumas held within the body for ourselves as well as for those we interact with.

 During our time together in this certification training we will gain understanding and insight into what it is like to approach our relationships with ourselves and our clients  in a way that recognizes and accommodates people who have survived sexual and reproductive trauma(s).

 Join Original Instructions School founder Brittany Jade Wilson and Psychotherapist / LDMT Briena Pearl, along with guest instructors Zachariah Smith-Henry (Sheng Zhen instructor) and Juliana Rose Goldstone (Boldly Embodied) for this impactful certification training designed for Birth workers, Herbalists, Holistic Care Providers, and human beings of all kind. 

 Through learning about appropriate verbal/nonverbal communication, herbal remedies, cognitive/somatic therapies, and culturally relevant rituals during this certification training you will equip yourself with effective tools for healing layers of trauma while reintegrating emotionally paralyzed parts of the self. While we cannot take away the sexual and reproductive traumas which humans have experienced we can learn equip ourselves and others with resources to mitigate the negative effects of which said traumas have in our relationships and future life experiences.

During this certIfication training we will :

  • Address and identify distinct types of sexual and reproductive trauma. 
  • Learn about and practice verbal/non verbal phrases and signals that help us identify and appropriately respond to a history of sexual abuse and/or trauma.
  • Identify useful plant allies which help mitigate extreme stress, remove layers of depression, clear up scared tissue, promote healthy cell production, cleanse, and protect.
  • Learn 16 helpful food recipes for nourishing the soul, calming the nerves, and moving ‘stuck’ energy.
  • Cover physical techniques to remove physical signs of sexual trauma and dissolve scared tissue.
  • Experience a traditional ritual for helping people reclaim their bodies and selves after having experience sexual trauma
  • Practice traditional medicinal plant baths which we will prepare through a self-guided process.
  • Learn and practice body movement series of Qi-Gong from the Sheng Zhen moving meditation which vitalize body and circulate the Qi.

 Upon the completion of this certification training you will also receive:

  •  A printable PDF booklet containing resources for legal aide, advocacy, and support groups for survivors of sexual trauma local to your country and geographical area. 
  • A printable PDF booklet containing Photo identifications of the Herbal Allies covered during your class.
  • A printable PDF booklet containing the common verbal and non verbal cues and symptoms of sexual trauma. 
  • A printable PDF version as well as a physical copy of your certification of completion.

We offer full and partial tuition scholarships for this certification training! For information on how to apply for our scholarships clink the link below.

Our Scholarship Program


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