Postpartum Care Bundle

Original Instructions School

presents our 

Postpartum Care Bundle 


The best in holistic product support for a human who was recently pregnant. 

Comes with:

* A pamphlet containing 1 meditation prompt + detailed instructions on how to prepare and enjoy each tool in the bundle 

* 1 Chumpi - traditional uterine wrap. Fairly traded and handwoven by members of the Q’ero Nation. Approx. 4.5 ft by 1 ft. Hand wash only.

* 4 Oz container of our ‘Restore’ Whipped Shimmer Belly Balm.

* 4 Oz container of our ‘Release’ Rejuvenating Facial + Body Scrub. 

* 4 Oz of our ‘Nurture’ shimmer Breast Mask

* 4 Oz of our ‘Soothe’ Calming Bottom Spray 

* 20 grams of ‘Heal’ relieving bottom steam/ herbal sitz bath pouch

* 1 tea light fir tree tea light candle -> for auspicious ceremonial beginnings.

* 1 tiny ceramic ancestor offering bowl 

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