Original Instructions Online Doula Certification Training, Module 2, Lesson 1

Online Doula Certification Training

Module 2 (Postpartum Period and Lactation)

Lesson 1: Checking Your Baggage at The Door




   Congratulations for embarking on your journey as an Original Instructions Postpartum Doula



     As Original Instructions Postpartum Doulas you have learned that throughout the process of birth women act as gateways between the worlds and that after the birth of the baby and placenta there remains a period of up to 40 days during which the mother and child(ren) are continuing to move through the Bardo known as the Postpartum Period. 

 Although nutrition and lifestyle play a large factor in the way mothers experience the Postpartum Period we also recognize that, due to the spiritual nature birth we must also understand how to work with the soul of a situation.  In this lesson, we will explore your skill set for honoring and assisting in the sacred ceremony of family making

 1.)  In your Postpartum Doula practice, you will most likely work with women and families from varying religious backgrounds, as well as with a range of cosmological beliefs



Please watch the videos connected to the links below in order to learn more about specific postpartum practices throughout the world. While you watch the videos take notes on traditional postpartum practices that are referenced.

After you have completed all of the videos please write down the similarities you observed within the different practices. 


Mother Rooted: Postpartum Practices

Sitting the Month in China (switch subtitles on)

  Cultural Practices Around Birth

Ancient Birth Stories-Nativity Story

African After Labour Care

2. The Tree of Life, The Placenta


 During the in-person portion of your Postpartum Doula training, we covered various methods of honoring and processing the placenta. Please answer the following questions about some of those methods. 


1. When dehydrating and encapsulating placentas for your clients you should

    A. leave the placenta sitting out for 48 hours beforehand

    B. make sure to have a current registration with the FDA if you are practicing professionally within the USA.

    C. only dehydrate the placenta for 2 hours before encapsulating


 2. Eating part of the placenta after a natural birth may promote milk production and reduce the risk of postpartum depression

     True or False?


 3. Please write about at least three separate services you can offer your postpartum clients (and community) in regards to honoring and processing their placentas.





Please complete all indicated questions and homework for the coming week. Upon completion, you may turn in your typed or written answers and journal entries in the form of google docs, pdf file, scanned attachment or HD photo to Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com