Immersion Retreat - TUM™ and Well Womb Care in The Sacred Valley, Peru

TUM™ (Traditional Uterine Massage) + Well Womb Care Certification Training and

Immersion Retreat 

February, 10th-19th, 2024 in the

Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru  

  Join us for an unforgettable Skills Immersion into the world of Traditional Uterine Massage + Well Womb Care and related practices in the Quechua Nation of Peru (Cuzco and surrounding area)!
 Our Original Instructions Immersion retreats are designed so that you will receive your certification training over the course of the first 3 days of your retreat, and will go on to have hands-on Immersion practice over the next 7 days. As always with our Original Instructions School events, we will be employing local Indigenous practitioners who, and learning directly from the source.

   If you have already received your Traditional Uterine Massage and Well Womb Care certification training with the Original Instructions School (even if you have not graduated) you may use code 580OFF to receive a discount from the tuition cost from the overall retreat. Investment includes:

-  Your Traditional Uterine Massage and Well Womb Care certification training (and certificate) 

- 10 Hours of hands on practice with local Indigenous women and practitioners of Well Womb Care

- Lodging for 9 nights and 10 days in the Sacred Valley of Peru

- 2 full meals per day + Breakfast snack bar 

- Entrance into local temples + archaeological sites

- Enriching hands-on experiences with members of the Quechua Nation such as natural fiber dying, coca leaf readings, medicinal herbal preparations, and apprenticeship hours in the field of Traditional Uterine Massage and Well Womb Care.

Investment (includes tuition + certification, and retreat cost):
$2,850 usd
Early Bird Investment (Enroll before December 25th, 2023):
$2,350 usd

 Please email to receive a printable PDF of our full 10 Day Itinerary, along with the answers to any further inquiries you may have regarding this Immersion Retreat.  


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