Full Spectrum Doula certification training- (Live!) Online

Original Instructions School (live!) Online 

Full Spectrum Doula Certification Training 

 Every Monday in September (September 2nd, 9th,16th, 23rd, and the 30th) of 2024

from 9:00am - 5:00am EST

  Like all of our Original Instructions certification programs, our Full Spectrum Doula certification training is committed to providing our students with an impeccable education while keeping the Original Instructions for humanity and ancestral wisdom as our guiding force. Our Full spectrum Doula certification curriculum is structured in a dynamic way which bridges evidence-based learning with the longstanding wisdom of Indigenous human beings.

—> Our (Live!) Online Full Spectrum Doula Certification Training offers the same wonderful information from your location. All hands-on materials (MOXA sticks, plant bath, etc) will be mailed to you. 

  We are so excited to have Karen Tinta-Chunvislla joining us live from Cuzco, Peru to share traditional Quechua wellness practices surrounding uterine massage, medicinal plants, and the Wytas'ka postpartum treatment.

  Our Original Instructions Full Spectrum Doula Certification program consists of birth our Birth and Postpartum Doula certification training —-> 42 classroom hours, which include

      -  5 days  (40 hours ) of live online hours with with our Original Instructions School founder Brittany Jade and guest teachers from around the globe. Our instructors will provide you with the experience of learning directly from Midwives, Herbalists, and Indigenous medicine practitioners.

     - 4  thirty minute-long personalized mentoring sessions via phone call

     - 8 long distance self study follow up lessons on the form of printable PDFs.

     - Traditional storytelling, medicine songs, and other ceremonies relevant to birth and reproductive health

      - 1 personalized graduation call and certificate 

   If you would like to attend our full spectrum Doula Certification training and are a returning Original Instructions School student or graduate please contact Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com directly in order to receive your 25% off returning student discount on your tuition.  

   Full and Partial Tuition Scholarships are Available ! To learn more about our scholarship program click here.