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Here's What Graduates Are Saying About Our Certification Programs

  • " I am a veteran Doula and decided to gift myself both of the Original Instructions Doula certification trainings.... they have re-enlivened my practice, taught me skills in herbalism, acupressure, and ritual that I have not gotten from other trainings. I highly recommend this course to both aspiring and practicing Doulas! "

    Sabrina Lutes of North Carolina
    The Heartwood Spiral Doula Services

  • " My experience with getting trained as a Doula through Original Instructions was very empowering. I quickly felt renewed in wisdom and prepared to serve women of all backgrounds in the community. "

    Erica Mcillwain of Florida

  • " Original Instructions School embodies exactly what our culture is desperately seeking. It is a chance to deepen into the sacredness of birth-work, honing in on the unique and powerful experience of being a well prepared assistance for new families on their journey of a lifetime. "

    Rebecca Sterling of North Carolina

Reviews of our Healing Sexual Trauma with Herbal Allies Certification Training

  • " Thank you so much for having the courage and grit to do the work you are doing. ''

    Shea Donnelly

  • "This course on healing sexual trauma with herbal allies was deeply impactful for me as a woman on my own healing journey, and as a birth worker. I feel much better equipped to help my clients in an informed and compassionate way."

    Cat Dunlap-Nelson
    Cat's Cradle Doula Services

  • " Thank you for sharing all of this invaluable information, and for being vulnerable. "

    Rachel Kopel
    Stitch & Witch Botanicals

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    John Doe

What Participants In Our Original Instructions Scholarship Program Are Saying

  • " I recommend the Postpartum Doula Training to any woman (or person!) interested in reclaiming or deepening her roots as a human being of this Earth, and Especially if you want to work in the birthing field or want to be a mother. Thank you for being an example, Brittany! "

    Rebecca Schmidt of California

  • " Amazing, articulate, and captivating teacher with many years of worldly earth-based knowledge.."

    Katherine Hall of the United Kingdom