Meet Karen


 Karen Tinta-Chunvislla forms part of our Original Instructions School team of instructors from the Quechua Nation, Peru as a main instructor in our Traditional Uterine Massage and Well Womb Care certification training. Karen has been an integral to creating the syllabus and curriculum for that certification training. Additionally, Karen appears as a guest instructor in our Postpartum Doula certification training to share relevant postpartum practices from her Nation.
  Throughout her teaching Karen will be sharing her traditional Indigenous knowledge in regards to Herbalism, Well Womb Care, and the Postpartum Period. We give thanks to Karen for being willing to share her wisdom with our students, and thereby giving them the opportunity to learn about subjects such as uterine massage, medicinal plants, and child rearing directly from her unbroken lineage. Our school is dedicated to preserving and sharing traditional Indigenous common knowledge surrounding the Plant Nations , well woman care, and childbirth in an authentic way that does not contribute to, the now rampant, practice of cultural appropriation. Learning directly with Indigenous women from around the world is an excellent way to directly connect with and financially support the people by whom these teachings are carried. Because Karen speaks mainly Quechua, her segment in class will be translated into English or Spanish for those who are not fluent in Quechua.