Brittany Jade Wilson 

Human Being, and Founder of the

Original Instructions School 

 Brittany Jade began her theoretical training and practicum of Midwifery, Herbalism, and traditional Indigenous healing while still in her early teens. By the age of 18, and heavily pregnant with her first child, Brittany moved to Peru to be with her first husband. There, she lived alongside and practiced her medicine within rural Quechua, Q’ero, and Shippibo communities for over a decade.
   For the past 14 years Brittany has lent her support to fellow human beings (mainly women) through her educational classes and workshops, which she has been offering worldwide in the fields of Herbalism, Midwifery, sustainable living, advocacy, and traditional Indigenous medicine. Her gift for teaching led to the founding of the Original Instructions School in 2017. It brings Brittany immense joy not only to offer these instructions, but also to be able to lift up other (particularly Indigenous) women around the world through our OIS guest teaching opportunities and opportunities. Brittany offers her classes and certification trainings in English and Spanish.

  While she has spent the significant part of her adult life in Peru, Brittany has also remained rooted to her ancestral practices and traditional beliefs stemming from her Indigenous Pueblo Acoma paternal lineage. Like too many Indigenous women Brittany is a survivor of neglect, homelessness, religious boarding reform school, sexual trauma, suicide, domestic violence, child abduction, and familial alcoholism. Like all Indigenous women, Brittany is resilient. It is through her own experiences that she shares practical wisdom in an authentic way, and while she continues to survive Brittany is thankful every day for the several adopted teachers and many family members who have passed ceremonies and knowledge to her along the way. Her great personal loves of theater, dance, poetry, family, and nature also continue to sustain her. Delivering information with humility about taboo subjects such as mental health, addiction, sexual trauma, and obstetric violence in a vulnerable way which normalizes our common human experiences is a gift which she carries. 

  Brittany is a no-nonsense yet surprisingly light-hearted person who is not afraid to speak the truth. Her laughter is loud, and her tears flow freely. She exists with the prayer that her way of living will make her children wise and her Benevolent Ancestors proud - to be worthy of carrying the story of Sky Woman.