Brittany Jade 

Brittany Jade Gelinas

Educator, midwife, herbalist and founder of Original Instructions School
Courses offered in the fields of: Herbalism, Midwifery & Traditional Medicine

Brittany Jade began her theoretical training and practicum of midwifery, herbalism and natural healing while still in her teens. After receiving her herbalism and midwifery trainings in Asheville, North Carolina, Brittany moved to Peru. There, she lived alongside and practiced medicine within rural Quechua, Qero and Shippibo communities for over a decade. For the past eight years Brittany has lent her support to all human beings through her guest teaching appearances and Original Instructions School certification training, which she offers worldwide in the fields of Herbalism, Midwifery, and traditional Indigenous medicine. Brittany is blessed to have learned from a handful of Indigenous medicine practitioners who have mentored her and guided her practice.

While she has spent a significant part of her life in  South America, Brittany has also remained rooted to ancestral practices and traditional beliefs stemming from her Indigenous Northern (Pueblo Acoma) paternal lineage. She approaches her work as an educator, herbalist, midwife and medicine woman through her experiential knowledge of the Original Instructions for humanity. She approaches her work and her life with a sense of humility and with the hope that her way of living would make her Ancestors proud.