What does it mean to be an Original Instructions Doula ?

What does it mean to be an Original Instructions Doula?

    The etymology of the word Doula stems from the ancient Greek culture used to describe “ woman who serves”. Today, however, the title Doula refers to people who are skilled for and available to mothers and their families as emotional, physical, logistical and sometimes spiritual support throughout the childbearing process.
  Because procreation is not a static event but rather an ongoing evolution, the expertise and practice of the Doula must include many aspects and phases of reproductive health. A thriving Doula practice continues to grow and prosper when it includes diligence, humility and a commitment to self-examination.
    The role of the Doula originally was occupied by many women in the community who had various pieces of knowledge about women’s reproductive health and how to raise healthy children. Inevitably, certain women would show particular skill for assisting during a difficult childbirth and providing care for a new family.
   Today the modern-day Doula fills the role of all of the community members who would be there in a traditional Indigenous setting to help clean, cook, tend to the ceremonial fire, see that the other children are doing okay, massage the mother, and clean up after the birth whereas the modern-day Midwife currently is the woman who would be sought out if the birth or after birth turned difficult in a traditional setting.
    Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life when she must take up all of her strength, count her blessings, and go to battle in order to bring back her child(ren). She must be willing, just as a warrior on the combat field, to lay down her life if need be.
    Therefore, the work of the well rounded and seasoned Doula generally extends also to providing support and advocacy throughout miscarriages,  deaths, and other vulnerable experiences in life. 
       Original Instructions Doula Certification program is unique in its' intricacy. We have designed our program with a deep respect for the power of women's reproductive health and with the knowledge that the modern-day Doula must be equipped with a myriad of tools in order to optimally nurture, support, and advocate for mothers and their families.
       Our Doula certification programs include a considerable amount of training in complementary fields such as holistic herbalism, uterine massage, and other traditional healing modalities which assist Original Instructions Doulas in offering comprehensive care to their clients and communities

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  Making a plan is an essential part of the process of manifesting anything real in this world out of our ideas and dreams. It is extremely important to us that the knowledge and skills you gain through attending our certification programs are of applicable value to your lives. Whether you choose to use your skills as an Original Instructions Doula to serve your biological family or to run a busy practice in the center of town, we will help you outline what your next steps in life as an Original Instructions Doula will be. After you have completed all of the required lessons in our program you will have a graduation call which lasts up to one hour and focuses on clarifying and solidifying the knowledge you've gained through our program as well as what your next steps will be.