Our Mission | Original Instructions School

Our Mission

   A countless number of generations ago Human Beings were given original instructions by the Great Spirit for how to exist as humans in harmony with the Earth and our purpose here. Now, more than ever before, most of us have ceased to live our daily lives in a way that follows the Original Instructions. Because of this, sickness and confusion are ruling over humanity.

  In order to regain a thriving and sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and future generations we must remember the old stories and hone our new skills. No matter how forgotten and buried beneath the concrete our ancient knowledge seems to be, every Human Being has direct access to the Original Instructions because they are recorded in our

Ancestral Memory.


 All of our Original Instructions School classes and certification trainings are offered from the Indigenous perspective of Herbalism and Well Womb Care. However, all of the Indigenous knowledge which our curriculums are based from are considered “medicine for the people“.  This means that they are permissible to be given to people from other Nations, and are offered up for the healing of humanity and Earth as a whole. They ARE NOT meant for cleansing , initiations, or other more private ceremonies.

  In order to carry the lineages and traditions which form our curriculums in a good way our Original Instructions School has kept them in their entirety, and likewise employs women from the respective Indigenous Nations to be the main creators and guest instructors in our certification trainings. By paying well above “living wages” to the Indigenous creators and guest instructors of our certification trainings our school is providing opportunities for these wise Indigenous women to support themselves and their communities through valuing their time. If you graduate from any of our certification trainings and become an Original Instructions Doula or practitioner of Traditional Uterine Massage and Well Womb care it is IMPERATIVE that you give respect for and credit to the Nations which have kept this wisdom both with your words and monetarily (when you are making money from practicing as an Original Instructions practitioner). A large piece of why the rampant amount of cultural appropriation, which is now popular amongst new age and holistic healing communities within the United Staes and Canada, is so disrespectful is that generations of Indigenous people have fought and died to keep these traditions alive. They now largely live without the same access to resources, and it is wrong for anyone who has not gone through the same struggles to make monetary gain from such lineages without giving back to those communities who are still living without access to resources due to the necessary sacrifices of their Ancestors. Likewise, self “initiating“ “healers” who use such medicine tools for their ceremonies which are available to them due only to their privilege, race, and/ or socioeconomic status is hurtful and insulting to those who have spent decades and lifetimes preserving such medicine tools. The Original Instructions School is committed to preserving and lifting up effective ancestral knowledge and practices surrounding Herbalism and Well Womb Care in ways that are regenerative to Indigenous communities, and which provide honoring and respect for all.