Our Scholarship Program


 Original Instructions School Tuition Scholarship Program

 Original Instructions School of Traditional Medicine and Practical Skills is proud to offer numerous opportunities for people to learn tuition-free every year. Our school believes that access to knowledge relating to basic wellness and life as a human being should be accessible to everyone. 

   In order to better serve our global community the Original Instructions School has developed two major avenues in which we provide access to our classes and certification programs to those who may lack the funds available for tuition. Those two avenues are our Original Instructions School free online offerings class series and our

   Original Instructions School Scholarship program

   Our Original Instructions School scholarship program offers both full and partial tuition scholarship options for all of our Original Instructions School certification programs and trainings, both online and in person. Being that we are the Original Instructions School we do give priority of our full scholarship awards to people Indigenous to the Americas first. However, our school founder and staff believe strongly in providing vocational training in the fields of holistic wellness and advocacy to those who are most in need. Therefore, our school regularly grants full and partial scholarships from all ethnic backgrounds who are likely to go on to serve within marginalized communities of people. 

   We ask that applicants for our scholarship program complete an essay describing in detail how they will put to use the knowledge and skills gained in the certification workshop or program they are seeking a full or partial scholarship for. In order to inquire about obtaining a full or partial scholarship for one of our certification programs or trainings email our Original Instructions School founder Brittany Jade at Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com for further information.