Our Tuition Refund Policy

 Class and/or Certification Training Tuition Refund Policy

  Students are required to pay all, or a portion, of their tuition or fee for any registered Original Instructions School class, workshop, or certification training unless they have been awarded a full or partial tuition scholarship. 

  Withdrawal or cancellation occurs on the calendar day that the withdrawal is requested online or in person with the Founder of The Original Instructions School.

  To inquire about a tuition refund please email: Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com or by calling 1.828.201.6040

  Please see the chart below depicting our general refund policy for class and certification training tuition refunds. Some exceptions do apply. Please see 'Exceptions' below. 

30 Days or More Before Class Begins


14 Days Before Class Begins


7 Days or Less Before Class Begins


* Any non-refundable tuition funds are available as credit for any future Original Instructions School events or products.


 Exceptions to the tuition and fees policy will be considered, and include;

 COVID-related symptoms, illness, family emergencies, and other extenuating circumstances.