Module 2: The Postpartum Period and Lactation


     During this Original Instructions School Doula Certification training you will receive invaluable knowledge about the birth process as well as an extensive skill set for working with pregnant mothers and their families from the time their child(ren) is born until at least 40 days postpartum.   

    Like all of our Original Instructions certification programs, our Postpartum and Lactation Doula certification training is committed to providing our students with an impeccable education while keeping the Original Instructions for humanity and ancestral wisdom as our guiding force. Our Doula Certification curriculum is structured in a dynamic way which bridges evidence-based learning with remembering the wisdom of grandmothers past. 

 Our Module 2 (Postpartum Doula) curriculum includes training in the following areas:

      - The postpartum period

      - Lactation

      - Traditional uterine massage 

      - Placenta processing (including encapsulation)

      - Medicine making with medicinal plants

     This training begins with a two-day-long training workshop during which you will receive 11 hours of theoretical education and 4 hours of practical skills training at a retreat style venue. 

     Attendance to your two day-long Postpartum Doula Certification workshop includes:

     -15 hours of class time with our Original Instructions teachers and guest speakers

     - All class materials for hands-on skills practicing and  make n' take projects

     - Optional personal divination ceremony directly following the end of class on the second day

      - Drinking water, medicinal teas, and coffee


     After completing your two-day-long workshop you will commence the process of your one on one long-distance learning. Your long distance learning will consist of four lessons, one lesson each week for four weeks. Each lesson takes the average student about one hour to complete.

     In addition to your four lessons, we require that our Postpartum Doula students read (or have previously read) our required reading list. Our required reading list for Module 2 consists of five books. See our Module 2 required reading list here.

     Once you have completed your training hours, long distance lessons and required reading you will schedule a video conference with one of our Original Instructions Doula Certification instructors at your convenience. During your video conference, the instructor who taught your workshop and who was overseeing your long distance learning will confirm that you have met all requirements, send you our standards of care and scope of practice agreement to sign and process your certification diploma.