OIS Doulas Standard of Care and Scope of Practice

Original Instructions School
Doula Certification Program
   These standards of care and scope of practice agreements are hereby made and entered into between the Original instructions school on behalf of its Doula certification program (hereinafter “OIS”) and, (hereinafter “certification”).
Whereas, OIS  is an educational institution providing a Doula certification
Whereas  theoretical and practical education in the studies of pregnancy, labor, delivery, the postpartum period, lactation and applicable herbalism are required and an integral part of that certification program; and
Therefore, the following are the complete terms and conditions of the standards of care and scope of practice which must be maintained by practicing graduates of the OIS Doula certification program
I. OIS, Duties and Responsibilities
    1.   OIS shall assume responsibility for the administration of the Doula certification program, including, but not limited to, curriculum development, requirements for matriculation, hands-on activities, required reading follow up,  post-workshop mentoring and certification.
     2.   OIS shall designate its own qualified instructors to plan, facilitate and oversee all hands-on practical skill training.
     3.   OIS shall provide a student to instructor ratio of 13 to 1 or better in all of our in-person Doula certification workshops in order to ensure that all of our students receive optimal training.
     4.   OIS shall notify the student of any changes in instructor, curriculum, and policy that may affect the Doula certification program.
II. Practicing OIS Doulas, Standards of Care   
     1.  Certified OIS Doulas shall conduct an honest and ethical practice, being forthcoming and clear as to what services they offer and what compensation they will be seeking for those services.
    2.  Certified OIS Doulas keep their professional and personal relationships with the families they serve in good standing. When disagreements, difficult times and undesirable outcomes arise OIS Doulas strive to respond appropriately in a compassionate manner.
    3.   Practicing OIS Doulas must maintain respectful and professional boundaries with any and all health care providers who are simultaneously caring for your clients and their families. They must not exceed their scope of practice by contradicting or undermining the medical advice and practices of collaborative providers.
    4.   OIS Doulas work in service to mothers and their families as care providers and advocates, always maintaining the clients emotional, mental and physical well being as the number one priority in their Doula practice.              
III. Practicing OIS Doula, Scope of Practice
   1.   Reservation of Rights: OIS Doulas reserve the right to serve the clientele they choose based on their own personal preferences, skill set and limitations. In the event that the OIS Doula has already entered into a written contract with a client the contract must be honored or terminated in a proper manner.
    2.   The purpose of an OIS certified Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Doula is to provide emotional, mental and physical support and nourishment to mothers and families throughout the amount of time specified their services provided agreements or contract. OIS Doulas are also qualified to act as reproductive health/ birth advocate for the mother and her family.

      3.  The purpose of an OIS Postpartum and Lactation Doula is to provide emotional, mental and physical support to the mother and her family throughout the postpartum period (up to 40 days after the birth) and anytime thereafter as specified by their services provided agreement or contract.  OIS Postpartum and Lactation Doulas are also qualified to act as ongoing resources and reproductive health advocates for their clients.

       4.  OIS Doulas of any kind are not qualified under this certification to act as main health care providers to any person or people during any part of the birth process but are trained to work in collaboration with other care providers who are adequately trained in medicine or else to possess further medical training than our OIS Doula certification provides.
IV. Authorization

  Original Instructions School of Traditional Skills and Practical Medicine
  January 2017