Online Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers, Lesson 2

Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers Certification Program

Lesson 2: Basic traditional Indigenous protocol for harvesting and preparing herbal medicine

  During your first conference call of this program we briefly discussed what we're referring to in this program when we use the phrase ' traditional Indigenous '. The Original Instructions School of Traditional Medicine and Practical Skills is committed to providing curricula which are based on the common threads of wisdom which can be found in the vast majority of Indigenous human cultures both past and present. Please watch the following video tutorial with Original Instructions teacher Brittany Jade on traditional Indigenous protocol in regards to herbal plant medicine and answer the questions below. 



  Please read the following questions, complete all indicated activities, and answer the applicable questions. You may submit all answers to the email address in the form of

 -Word Doc, PDF, Google Doc, or Handwritten (submitted via high quality photo or scan)


1.) Why is it important to ' clear yourself ' before preparing medicinal foods and plants for others?



2.) Please name at least three alternatives to metal tools for preparing herbal plant medicine.




3.) When is the best time to prepare plant medicine?



4.) Do you have any experience working with sound, prayer, and/or singing while you are preparing food or medicine?



5.) Please identify at least two songs, prayers, hymns, and/or chants which make you feel at peace and healthy. Experiment with a daily practice of speaking your songs/ prayers/ chants of choice while preparing your daily meals. Repeat this practice for four consecutive days, and record your experience in writing.