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Doula Certification Correspondence Course

The Postpartum Period and Lactation


Congratulations for embarking on your journey as an

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  Our certification program 

        Our Doula certification program is offered in two Modules. The first is a certification training for Doulas working with pregnancy, labor,
and birth while the second module is a certification program for Doulas and women working with the postpartum period and lactation.
       Learn more about our Doula certification program, Module 1, and Module 2.

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          In order to better serve mothers and their communities across the world, we offer our Doula certification programs both online and in person. Both methods include 24 plus hours of training with our Original Instructions teachers, post-training career coaching, seasonal interactive webinars, local resource guide and more.

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What does it mean to be an Original Instructions Doula?

           The role of the Doula originally was occupied by many women in the community who had various pieces of knowledge about women’s reproductive health and how to raise healthy children. Inevitably, certain women would show particular skill for assisting during a difficult childbirth and providing care for a new family.  


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 Why is Herbalism an integral part of our Doula certification program?

     In order for Doulas to act as a true resource and advocate for mothers and their families we believe that they require at least a basic understanding of how to nourish, support and cleanse the female body in the same way our mothers have for generations; with the aide  of medicinal stews, teas, steams and baths.