Individual Mentorship - Conversing with the Plant Nations

  One of the common threads throughout all of our Original Instructions School educational offerings is that we deliver instructions and information through an Indigenous lens —> in ways which recognize and acknowledge the Spirits of the Plant Nations.

  Without having built strong and clear relationships with the Spirits (or energies) of the plants you are working with, much of the effectiveness can be lost…well…in translation as it were.

Prerequisite for this Individual Mentorship Opportunity: We require that individuals who enter into this mentorship opportunity have completed at least 1 Original Instructions School certification trainings or workshops. Equivalent empirical experience(s) aand/ or educational experiences may also acceptable.

  Sometimes, due to the toxic “culture” of modern humanity, many people living with Earth right now are finding it difficult to build their own clear and authentic relationships with the Plant Nations. All of our instructors have had many students over the years who have asked for an apprenticeship-like container for honing in on their personal healing abilities.

  By popular demand we are now offering individual mentorship opportunities with Original Instructions School founder Brittany Wilson through which past and current OIS students and graduates can crelate and fortify their personal relationships with the Spirits of the Plant Nations.

    Here’s what’s being offered through this 1:1 Mentorship Opportunity;

     A sequence of twelve long-distance Zoom sessions focused on guiding the individual through an entire season of transformative practices aimed at developing one’s relationships with the subtle body of plants through  medicine preparation, plant dieting, laying on the ground, and sound. 

 A Quick Look —> What does this Mentorship Opportunity Include? ;

    •   Twelve 30-minute long sessions individual teaching seminars via Zoom dedicated to developing one’s relationships with the subtle bodies, or Spirits, of the Plant Nations.
    •   Twelve weeks worth of guided integration practices.
    •   Twelve months worth of open access to mentorship related Q&A via email and/or text. 

   Investment: 1550$ Lump Payment


8 bi-weekly payments of $250 with Shop Pay.


Yes! Our Community Lodge Tuition Scholarship program does extend to our Mentorship Opportunities.
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