Certification Training, Module 1, Lesson 4, Los Angeles, CA

Doula Certification Training

Module 1 (Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth)

Lesson 4: Integrating your knowledge into your active, thriving Doula practice


Congratulations for embarking on your journey as an


Original Instructions Doula!


              Throughout your education and training as an Original Instructions Doula, we have provided you with many tools with which to serve your families and communities. As we have emphasized, the most important mastery of skill for your Doula practice is self-cultivation. It is only through maintaining the life-long practice of objective self-examination as well as a humble commitment to growth that we are able to serve in any capacity to our complete potential.

                As you have progressed through this training some of your thoughts, feelings and ideas for what your Doula practice will look like may have shifted. In Lesson 4 we ask that you revisit your initial motivation for embarking on this journey and that you refine and crystallize your vision of what the next steps are for you as a Doula.
                At times it can be helpful to remember that we do not need to decide right now the way we will work for the rest of our lives. Much to the contrary, it can be stimulating and healthy to master various aspects of your trade. Beginning with at least one step in a certain direction right now, however, is key. 


  Please explore the following resources and birth facilities by clicking on the orange text (links) below, and then complete the exercises below.


Birth Centers:

Natural Birth Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Gracefull Birthing and Wellness Center (Los Angeles, CA)
              Art of Birthing Center (Marina Del Ray, CA)                              

Del Mar Birth Center (South Pasadena, CA) 


Children's Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)
 UCLA  (Los Angeles, 2 location)
Providence St. Joseph

Doula Collectives:

LA Doula Collective 
The Integrative Birth Collective
Gentle Touch Doulas

Women's Crisis Shelters:

1736 Family Crisis Center
East Los Angeles Women's Center
Women and Children's Crisis Shelter 
 National Domestic Abuse Hotline

Rape Crisis Center: 

Sexual Assault Crisis Program
Rape Foundation
UCLA Rape Treatment



   When you see yourself practicing in your families and communities as an Original Instructions Doula how do you see yourself? What does your practice look like? The following exercises are designed to help you clarify what the next steps are for you in your Doula practice.



#1 While in a quiet space, please write a list of the 4 things you've learned from this training that you feel your community would most benefit from. After that, please list the four services you feel most passionately about providing to women.






#2 Observe yourself throughout the next day and night. Practice entering into a neutral space within your mind through which you may see yourself as objectively as possible. Notice your interactions with others, whether by phone, internet, in dreams, or in person. Look for four qualities you possess that are unique to you, and that provide support, guidance, and help to others. Record these qualities either in writing or voice recording.  




 #3 Set aside at least twenty minutes during which you will not be interrupted. Center yourself and open the space for meditation in the way(s) that work best for you. As you enter into your meditation visualize yourself one season from now. See yourself in your optimal state; feeling balanced, complete and healthy.  See yourself beginning to practice as a Doula. Explore this vision and see where it takes you. After your meditation has ended take at least five minutes to record what you saw and felt. Please note in what capacity you were serving women.




#4 Before going to sleep, center yourself and pray (in the way that works best for you) for divine guidance about how your work as a Doula will best serve your family and community. Upon waking take a few moments of silent time to record any dreams, visions, thoughts, or feelings you experienced throughout the night. 

After you have submitted your completed Lesson 4 work Brittany Jade will schedule your conference call which can last up to an hour and is scheduled time for us to recapitulate, answer any remaining questions you may have, and clarify what the next steps are for you on your path as an Original Instructions Doula