My Sacred C-Section™ (Postpartum Skills Training)

A certification training dedicated to the Postpartum Care and restoration of those who have given birth via Cesarean Section

(Live!) Online via Zoom

A 4-week long online container ->

Every Monday in August of 2024 from 3pm-6pm EST 

  We are honored to now be offering this certification training perfect for those who will or have given birth via cesarean section, as well as their health care providers.

—> Join Original Instructions School Founder Brittany Wilson and guest instructor Christine McArdle for this online certification training <—

  With a global average c-section rate of over 20%, it is baffling what a huge gap still remains between holistic postpartum care and advocacy / accommodations for women whose experience giving birth is via cesarean section. 

  Considering that such a large population of women worldwide will experience the postpartum period along with recovery from a Cesarean (major abdominal surgery), we consider it more than worthy to provide specialized training surrounding their recovery.

  It is in the Spirit of serving those who are at their darkest hour, and specifically those who are most at risk when experiencing surgery, that we offer this Original Instructions School certification training.

   Please see class schedule and content below

Class 1: Monday, 5th of August from 3pm-6pmEST

The Sovereign C-Section Experience

   During this class we will learn the what and whys of the aspects of birth via Cesarean which are important to advocate, plan, and prepare for logistically.

   From the mother’s and baby’s needs, to the crucial differences of the various kinds of birth via cesarean which can greatly impact outcomes, we will explore how to advocate for the birth and recovery plan of the mother.


Class 2: Monday, 12th of August from 3pm-6pm EST

Cradling the Mother                                       

    Incorporating optimal nutrition and wellness care via foods, Herbal Allies, and holistic practices make an enormous difference in the preparation for and recovery from birth via C-Section.

    During this class we will learn about dozens of helpful members of the Plant Nations for emotional / physical support of the mother and her optimal c-section experience. We will also share dietary recommendations and physical practices which provide the perfect ingredients (pun intended) for maximum restoration. 


Class 3: Monday, 19th of August from 3pm-6pm EST 

Creating the Village                                                 

    During this class we will identify helpful resources and care providers for the emotional, physical, and Spiritual well being of the mother and her baby throughout the birth and recovery period.
   Working together as a cohesive network alongside other care providers allows us the opportunity to become part of the Mother’s village. Furthermore, honing our skills as resource and tool providers can lend heating  which can last the recovering mother and her family a lifetime.


Class 4: Monday, 26th of August from 3pm-6pm EST.        

Closing of the Way                                                                

    After giving birth via Cesarean Section it is imperative that there be a physical and energetic sealing of the womb and/ or center. It is equally as important to physically reconnect the pathways between the nervous and fascial networks of the body after experiencing major surgery.
  Throughout our last class in this series we learn several traditional and holistic techniques for sealing the womb, or “Closing the Way”, and reestablishing strong networks of the body.


  There are currently Partial Tuition Scholarship positions still available for this complimentary certification training. Please CLICK HERE to read more about our Community Lodge tuition scholarship program, and how to apply. 





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