My Sacred C-Section™ (Postpartum Skills Training)

 In-Person Postpartum Skills Workshop

in San Francisco, California 

April 14th, 2024 from 9am-7pm

  With a global average c-section rate of over 20%, it is baffling what a huge gap still remains between holistic postpartum care and advocacy for women and still experience giving birth via C-section. While much of the natural birth market and wellness movements regarding reproductive health are saturated, there is very little in the way of offerings for postpartum mother is recovering from C-sections.

  We are honored to now be offering this day-long certification training workshop perfect for care providers who serve postpartum humans who gave birth via C-section, as well as for those people who may gIve birth via cesarean section. 

   This certification training is conducted in two formats - online and in-person. Click Here to see upcoming My Sacred C-Section™ certification trainings.