Doula Certification Training, Module 1, Lesson 2

Doula Certification Training

Module 1 (Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth)

Lesson 2: Cultivating your knowledge and skills in the holistic healing arts to better serve mothers and their families


Congratulations for embarking on your journey as an

Original Instructions Doula


 Please read and answer the following questions in a google doc, pdf or handwritten format



     As Original Instructions Doulas we have learned that in order to serve as true resources and advocates for women's health we must possess and continually cultivate an understanding of the type of nutrition, lifestyle practices, and herbal allies which are conducive for healthy childbearing and sexual experiences. 

         In this lesson, we will revisit and fortify your understanding of nutritive herbal medicine for women and their bodies. The basic knowledge of how to nourish and care for one's self with common practices used to be known by all women. It is called "common medicine" or  "medicine of the people". As Original Instructions Doulas this is part of what we are reclaiming. 

1.)  Foods and medicinal plants with adaptogenic properties and why they are crucial throughout all great changes in a woman's life

      Two of our favorite adaptogens, as mentioned in class, are Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) and Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca). This is because, among other things, they both grow plentifully and are readily accessible in large portions of the world. Mugwort is found to have been one of the oldest forms of plant life still in existance today.

         Holy Basil


Please CLICK HERE to watch a seven-minute thirty-second long video about some of the science explaining the effect of adaptogens on the human body.



Answer the following questions

       - In your opinion, what are the three times in a woman's life that her nervous and immune system would most benefit from the regular intake of foods and/or medicinal pants with adaptogenic properties?



       - What are three ways that a pregnant mother (not in her first trimester) can safely benefit from the effects of medicinal plants?



       Homework: Research a new or reconnect with an old adaptogenic medicinal plant. Once you have picked at least one adaptogenic plant or food, being to incorporate it into your diet at least 4 times per week for two weeks. Record your findings at the end of two weeks.



2.) The importance of carrying multisensory medicine

    Throughout our Original Instructions Doula training, we have explored numerous ways in which you can incorporate common medicines and nutritive foods into a mother's environment while she is pregnant and laboring. Not only is it important to engage more than just the sense of taste when providing holistic support but also it provides you, as the Doula, with a wider range of tools.

 Please answer the questions below

     - Please name three ways that you as a Doula would be able to support a mother who was laboring in a hospital setting by using medicinal plants and foods if she so desired them?



    - When would offering the support of the nourishing body and/ or yoni steams to your pregnant client be most appropriate; 

      A) In the sixth week of pregnancy, for morning sickness.

      B) When her contractions have been getting progressively stronger for a while but she looks like she is getting tired. 

      C) During the first 2-3 weeks after conception when she is experiencing sore breasts.

      D) Begining about 4 weeks before the mother's due date in order to prepare her tissue for labor



   - Please name two methods of supporting a pregnant client with nutritiveH foods and plants that are safe during her first trimester of pregnancy.




   Homework: Identify at least two medicinal plants or foods that you currently incorporate into your regular lifestyle and research their properties and ethnobotanical history.



Please complete all indicated questions and homework for the coming week. Upon completion, you may turn in your typed or written answers and journal entries in the form of google docs, pdf file, scanned attachment or HD photo to