Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers, Lesson 3

Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers

Lesson 3: The importance of adaptogens and the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique Moxabustion.


 The basic knowledge of how to nourish and care for one's self with common practices used to be known by all women. It is called "common medicine" or  "medicine of the people". As Original Instructions Herbalists this is part of what we are reclaiming. 

1.)  Foods and medicinal plants with adaptogenic properties and why they are crucial throughout all great changes in a woman's life

      Two of our favorite adaptogens, as mentioned in class, are Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) and Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca). This is because, among other things, they both grow plentifully and are readily accessible in large portions of the world. Mugwort is found to have been one of the oldest forms of plant life still in existance today.

         Holy Basil


Please CLICK HERE to watch a seven-minute thirty-second long video about some of the science explaining the effect of adaptogens on the human body.

Answer the following questions

       - In your opinion, what are the three times in a woman's life that her nervous and immune system would most benefit from the regular intake of foods and/or medicinal pants with adaptogenic properties?



       - What are three ways that a pregnant mother (not in her first trimester) can safely benefit from the effects of medicinal plants?



       Homework: Research a new or reconnect with an old adaptogenic medicinal plant. Once you have picked at least one adaptogenic plant or food, being to incorporate it into your diet at least 4 times per week for one week. Record your findings at the end of one week.




 Please read and answer the following questions in a google doc, pdf or handwritten format


Traditional pressure points and MOXA treatments for a woman can help promote fertility as well as bring pain relief during labor. Please join Original Instructions teacher and TCM practitioner Rachael Henrichsen in your first lesson on Moxabustion.




  Please read the articles, found at the links below, about the history of MOXA (Moxibustion) treatments and then watch the video showing how to apply the heat of a MOXA stick over the indicated pressure point. 


 The History of Moxibustion

A Brief Explanation of Moxibustion



Original Instructions Doula Certification from Brittany Gelinas on Vimeo.

 Please read the following lesson on pressure points and MOXA


 Lesson with Original Instructions teacher Rachael Henrichsen



 Please complete all of the indicated questions and homework for the coming week. Upon completion, you may turn in your typed or written answers and journal entries in the form of google docs, pdf file, scanned attachment or HD photo to Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com