Doula Certification Module 1 Required Reading List

  Congratulations on beginning your journey as an

Original Instructions Certified Doula


Module 1 (Pregnancy, Labor and Birth) Required Reading List




 Below is a list of the books which we require you to have read in order to receive your certification for our Module 1 (Pregnancy, Labor and  Birth) Doula training course with the Original Instructions School. This collection of writing was made possible through the diligent work of our colleagues, elders, and ancestors. May you find value in their words and add their meaning to your practice.



Childbirth Wisdom From the World's Oldest Societies by Judith Goldsmith

Mama Bamba by Robyn Sheldon

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin

Birth Reborn by Michel Odent

Hygieia; a Woman's Herbal by Jeannine Parvati-Baker

The Woman in the Shaman's Body by Barbara Tedlock

When Survivors Give Birth by Simkin and Klaus