Janet Eggers Weatherford

Janet Eggers Weatherford

Founder of Flower Hill Farm and Guest Teacher for our Original Instructions School Doula Certification Training


                Janet Eggers, Flower Hill Farm

   Janet is a wise and accomplished mother, farmer and educator. She has spent the past two decades of her life dedicated to holistic parenting and the cultivation of edible, medicinal and ornamental plants. Through her work with the Janet continues to provide and exemplify a health way of life for her large family and community, a way of life in which human beings coexist with nature.


   Flower Hill Farm was founded by Janet, along with the help of her father Jim Eggers, nearly two decades ago and today continues to provide communities in Laneville, Texas and surrounding areas with fresh food,  flower arrangements, 'transformational photo shoots' and more. To contact Flower Hill Farms email flowerhillfarmtx@gmail.com. 

   Want to learn the joys of holistic parenting and plant cultivation with Janet? Register for our Doula Certification at Flower Hill Farm.