What are the benefits of being an Original Instructions Certified Doula ?

What are the benefits of being an Original Instructions Certified Doula?



        Serving women and families with compassion, authenticity, and integrity 

              As the popularity of holistic reproductive health and natural birth continue to increase and reemerge within the framework of modern society it is an auspicious time to begin or expand your work in the fields of women's reproductive healthcare and advocacy.
                 With all of the various programs and certifying bodies to choose from it can be difficult to decipher which certification program(s) will best serve your practice and community. Our Original Instructions Doula Certification programs are distinct and well rounded, designed for people who have (or would like to have) holistic practices which incorporate nutrition, natural medicine, and lifestyle as important aspects of the overall well being of the patient.


What makes our Doula Certification Programs unique?

- A curriculum which is based on ancestral wisdom and traditional Indigenous ways of life and customs surrounding the childbearing process

- Equipping our Doulas with a varied skill set, including traditional treatments from around the world such as MOXA and 'mother roasting'

- A focus on herbal medicine and its nutritive applications throughout the childbirth process

- Training in the art of traditional therapeutic uterine massage

- Considerable training on how to recognize, accommodate and advocate for clients who are currently suffering from the negative emotional side effects of an abusive situation, past or present 


What are the benefits of being an Original Instructions Doula?

  - Receive 60 minutes worth of long-distance personal coaching from your instructor. This session happens after you have completed your training and acts as a time to make a plan for how to apply and integrate what you have learned from into your Doula practice

 - Have the opportunity to apprentice and collaborate with our national and global affiliates in order to expand your level of field experience

 - Participate in seasonal educational webinars featuring our Original Instructions teachers and guest speakers

 - Stay connected with your Original Instructions School fellow students through our student forum, a place to network and support one another's practice