Christine McArdle Oquendo

Founder of Om Shree Om yoga school, Educator, Yoga Instructor and Aromatherapist
Courses offered in the fields of: Yoga, Aromatherapy

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Christine McArdle Oquendo, like so many people today, is bilingual and bicultural. She was born in New York City and now lives in Granada, Spain. Christine is a teacher and a tirelessly innate guide.


She obtained her BA from New York University (NYU) in Romance languages and speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Christine has a Master's Degree in Education from St. Peters College, Jersey City and has taught children in public and private schools from childhood to high school, both in Spain and in the US. Since she started in the world of education Christine has been drawn to innovative teaching methodologies. She trained in Montessori and Waldorf schools (Rudolph Steiner). She has designed and taught college courses for the teaching program of Jersey City State College in the USA, while creating programs for parents and their "role" in their children's education.

In 2001, as a full-time mother, Christine completed her first 200-hour training in Iyengar / Kripalu-style Hatha Yoga in the USA. That same year, she met Anusara Yoga and completed her studies for certification in this style with the passage of time. She feels that yoga, as everything in life, is in continuous evolution and expansion and therefore continues to explore the optimal alignment and bio-mechanics of our body and our vital energy. Today she teaches a new dynamic postural alignment called Bowspring, created by Desi Springer and John Friend.

Christine began offering yoga classes in schools and from there she went on to train teachers, at the request of her classmates. Thus, in 2004 her training dedicated to the instruction of childrens' yoga was founded as a school. OM Shree OM became and is currently a registered school with the Yoga Alliance.

In her search of natural remedies for her children of 4 and 6 years, Christine found aromatherapy and therapeutic grade essential oils through the Young Living company. This unfolded a whole new path of healing for Christine based on medicinal plants of the world in their essential form. Like yoga with children, peers asked for more information and Christine shared her resources. Today, Christine teaches about the common uses of essential oils, known as "aromatherapy." She feels that aromatherapy is a deep path of healing that we are still discovering and understanding. It is a passion that she will celebrate for the rest of her life.

To this day Christine has trained hundreds of teachers in the United States, Europe, and South America in both yoga and alternative education and in the uses of medicinal plants in the form of essential oils. For her, everything is simply the art of living in harmony with mother nature and with your nature, with love. She feels as an educator her role is not only to offer tools and ideas but also to continually inspire her students to remain faithful to their personal growth thereby transforming those aspects of themselves that limit their maximum potential as a human being.