March 14, 2022


Every breath

gives and takes

the golden opportunity;


an embodied life.


Looking down,

seeing myself clearly;

grasping wildly

in an attempt to hold onto 

invaluable moments


time races by.


I see your face,

cherished memories,

and the love we share 

rushing towards the past. 


I engrave your every freckle 

into my memory

Every giggle

Every tear

In hopes that you will live forever

inside of me.


Devout belief

that all of our relationships

we create and nurture here

are rooted in the Spirit world

staves off

and slightly numbs 

the incessant pang 

telling me that nothing lasts forever.


Practicing every day


to become worthy

of remembering,


and telling our children 

the story of Skywoman.





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