May 18, 2023


All of the times


that you wished she was here


- tiny seeds of memory


who grew into longing -

are wrapped up


and swaddled tightly


in your cradle board.



Don’t believe the hype.


The real holy blood


that gave you life


came from your Mother.




Todos los tiempos


que deseabas que ella estuviera aquí


- diminutas semillas de memoria


que creció en anhelo -



están bien envueltos


en tu tablero de cuna.



No creas el bombo -


la verdadera sangre santa


que te dio la vida


vino de tu Madre.



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January 31, 2024


        Vacía tus pensamientos


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Live Oak
Live Oak

January 27, 2024

She came to us on a lazy Mother’s Day afternoon,
Carrying the story of our family between her brow.
   The passages of the births and deaths of our Ancestors
Etched in lines on her hands and face.

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January 21, 2024

…Stormy nights I woke 

to the scent of you visiting me yet again,

  Meet me there - our place - on the illuminated


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