Christina Braid

Christina Braid | Original Instructions SchoolHerbalist, Midwife and Educator
Courses offered in the fields of: Midwifery, Herbalism

Original Instructions school is proud to be working in collaboration with midwife, herbalist and educator Christina Braid. For the past two decades she has been practicing in the fields of midwifery and herbalism through the lense of holistic living. Christina’s relentless commitment to growth and authenticity has led her through many walks of life, in many places on Earth, where she never fails to connect with and learn from the local peoples.

Christina began co-facilitating educational trips to the Peruvian Amazon in 2002, and has since then spent over a decade living with and becoming a part of the lands, plants and customs of Peru. Every time that Christina has had the joy of exchanging knowledge and ideas about natural medicine with a new community and they too have received the gift of her humble and endearing presence.

 Want to learn herbalism from Christina while you experience a traditional Ayahuasca diet in the Amazon of Peru? Learn more