OIS Mini Course on Post-Pregnancy Care with Herbal Allies

 A Mini Course designed for women who are recovering from pregnancies, and their care providers

  We are passionate about providing our Original Instructions School Mini Courses as an accessible way for those who want to learn practical information about Herbal Allies and Traditional Holistic Medicine, but who may be short on time - our most precious resource.  

  While our Original Instructions Mini Courses do not include the option to become certified, they are bursting with invaluable information for those looking to widen their scope of practice and/or relationships with Herbal Allies and traditions in each respective area.  

 Each of our Mini Courses is delivered to you in Printable 54 page PDF Booklet which includes information, prompts, step-by step instructions, guided exercises, original artwork, and recipes. You have the option to complete your reflection by typing, writing, or by voice memo, and once you have completed your reflection you will have access to a 10 minute private Q & A consultation relating to this subject with Original Instructions School Founder.

  * 4 daily wellness practices are traditional to Indigenous humans throughout history, and which can greatly support the woman who is newly Postpartum. 

  * Step by step instructions on how to prepare;

 herbal steams, herbal baths, herbal teas, and flower essences.

   * Knowledge surrounding 8 important herbal allies for known to support a healthy period in humans and their traditional usage as they relate to the physical and emotional aspects of the Postpartum Period.

    * 13 different recipes of herbal preparations which are known to alleviate painful symptoms of while nourishing and rejuvenating a women who is Postpartum 

    * 2 Guided Exercises which include hands-on herbal 'medicine' making for Postpartum women.

    * Traditional Stories and Songs for women who have just been pregnant, and are moving through the layers of the Worlds.

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