Original Instructions School E-Book: Surviving Sexual - Reproductive Trauma with Herbal Allies

An E-Book created for Survivors of Sexual / Reproductive Trauma and Their Care Providers

 Now more than ever before it is clear that addressing current and past
sexual / reproductive traumas is relevant to a large percentage of the people who you will relate with (in whatever capacity) throughout your life. It is extremely pertinent to take action and gain tools for recognizing, accommodating, and resolving traumas held within the body for ourselves as well as for those we interact with.

  We are passionate about providing our Original Instructions School E-Books as an accessible way for those who want to learn practical information about Herbal Allies and Traditional Holistic Medicine, but who may be short on time - our most precious resource.      While our Original Instructions Mini Courses do not include the option to become certified, they are bursting with invaluable information for those looking to widen their scope of practice and/or relationships with Herbal Allies and traditions in each respective area. 

   Each of our Herbal Allies E-Books are delivered to you in Printable 54 page Book which includes information, prompts, step-by step instructions, guided exercises, original artwork, and recipes. 

  * 4 daily traditional wellness practices which have been proven to heal layers of trauma while helping to create new healthy pathways in the brain. 
 * Step by step instructions on how to prepare;

 herbal steams, herbal baths, herbal teas, and flower essences.

  * Useful verbal and nonverbal skills for recognizing and accommodating Survivors.

   * Knowledge surrounding 8 important herbal allies for known support the adrenal system, balance the mood, and dissolve scared tissue. 

    * 13 different recipes of herbal preparations which are known to mitigate the effects of sexual / reproductive trauma.

    * 2 Guided ceremonial exercises which are known to  heal layers of trauma / fragmentation. 

    * Potent ceremonial prompts relating to processing one’s own experiences with their sexuality and reproductive health. 

 Upon the completion of this certification training you will also receive via email:

  •  A printable PDF booklet containing resources for legal aide, advocacy, and support groups for survivors of sexual trauma local to your country and geographical area. 
  • A printable PDF booklet containing the common verbal and non verbal cues and symptoms of sexual trauma. 
  • A printable PDF booklet containing relevant mental and emotional health resources which are known to be highly effective for Survivors of sexual and/ or reproductive health trauma. 

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