Advocacy for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty is Advocacy for Earth

June 05, 2023

Advocacy for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty is Advocacy for Earth

  For humans who live and experience life through an Indigenous worldview, it is not a metaphor that Earth is our mother. When humans live on the earth and see her as an object- inanimate, without spirit, feeling, or soul then they can rationalize doing any number of atrocities to her including mining (rape), exploitation, contamination, abuse, and even murder - murder of her life giving ways. We have seen these acts perpetrated in many of the most Indo-European, patriarchal societies. Today, within our “modern” lives we experience a total lack of regard for what is sacred particularly regarding the sovereign rights of Earth and  her daughters. 

 Wherever Earth is objectified so too are women. It is no coincidence that from the beginning of this Indo-European way of materialistic life the atrocities which Indigenous women across all continents have faced, and which they continue to face, make us the most at risk for sexual and reproductive trauma group of humans still today.

  In this way advocating for the sacred sexual healing, reproductive rights, and sovereignty of females is the same as pro-Earth environmental activism. Not in an abstract way - protecting and healing a water carrying womb is the same as protecting a natural body of water. Both give life and must be healthy and respected in order for future generations of humans to continue existing.

 Advocacy comes in many forms but largely stems from a deep care and commitment to what is meaningful and sacred in life. To advocate for, means, to plead on the behalf of, or to support, or to protect.
  Since the beginning it has largely been indigenous nations who have advocated for the well-being of Earth while simultaneously holding women and their life-giving force and  their sensuality as very sacred, and as needing to be protected and supported. Over 98% of the worlds remaining natural habitats only survive today because of the Indigenous nations whichever steward them.

  Some would say, that the overpopulation myth which has led to the forced sterilization and genocide of entire Indigenous Nations of people was and is fueled solely by the greed of those who know that as long as indigenous people remain in that part of the Earth  they would continue to advocate for her, protect her, and support her. Today, advocacy can look like projects taking place within or without the predominant system, but which always result in the protection, regeneration, and healing of Earth and all of her children. 

 This inherent knowledge has brought us to offer our advocacy certification trainings for those who wish to serve as advocates for survivors of sexual and reproductive trauma. As a holistic practitioner, Earth activist, well being practitioner, sensual being and human being of any kind it is imperative to address the pervasive issue of the objectification of women and Earth. To advocate for one is to advocate for the other.…  it is impossible to heal one and not the other.

  If you or someone you know is in need of advocacy regarding sexual or reproductive trauma please do not hesitate to contact us directly at for a free comprehensive contact list of organizations which provide immediate help to Survivors in your country.

Also, Check out our upcoming advocacy certification trainings below;

ECO Sensual, the Well Womb and Advocacy certification training for Sensual Beings (In-person in Los Angeles, CA). 

Advocating for Survivors of Sexual/ Reproductive Trauma certification training for Welk-Being Care Providers and Human Beings of all kinds.



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