Instructions for Clear Astral Viewing

February 13, 2023

Instructions for Clear Astral Viewing

During this Winter full moon it is the perfect time to go inside the self. Astral viewing (seeing circumstances from a "bird's eye view" in a neutral detached way).

Throughout the most difficult times and seasons of our lives, as humans we can find access to Benevolent Ancestors, Resources, and Knowledge by going inside the selves. As Human Beings we are a collective, and as such it has long been known that we have the ability to see into our personal and collective pasts, presents, and possible futures.

  On this First Winter's Full Moon (December 7th, 2022) I would like to share a simple ritual for personal practices which has been known to promote and facilitate Astral Viewing.

  Not all of these Original Instructions are meant for every human - take what serves you into your bundle of practices, and leave that which does not serve your life path.



  1 mirror (or reflection)

  1 Bowl of Flower Essence Water (Yarrow + Water)

  1 Pinch of Salt


     On the night of or around the Full Moon prepare a fresh bowl of flower essence (of Yarrow) water by bringing cool fresh water to dried Yarrow (aerial parts). Let sit for 1-2 hours in the rays of moonlight.

    About 20 minutes before you are ready to go to sleep bring your mirror or reflective pool out under the light of the Full Moon. Look into the mirror or reflective pool until you have thoroughly memorized each and every detail of your eyes (the pupil, iris, eye lids, etc). When you feel ready lay the mirror or reflective pool under the moon light and leave it there until the morning.

   While still standing under the Full Moon (preferably barefoot), bath yourself with the bowl of flower essence water you have prepared by pouring it (plant matter and all) directly over the crown of your head. Let the flower essence bath dry on you. Go directly to sleep in a safe place. Keep a pinch of salt on the ground by the right bottom corner of your bed. 






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