Medicinal Plant Bath Recipe

August 27, 2022

Medicinal Plant Bath Recipe

  Here's a favorite medicinal plant bath recipe for healing layers of sexual / reproductive trauma. 

  This medicinal plant bath can be administered as a hot soak or a cold rinse (essence style), for at least four days in a row and as needed thereafter. For optimal results this bath should be taken first thing after waking and/or last thing before bed. Whenever possible - work with fresh plants, give thanks, and sing their songs as you prepare this bath. 


  1. One glass or ceramic container that holds at least 30 oz of liquid
  2. A heating element


  • 4 oz White Tobacco (Nicotiana Alata) flower and leaves
  • 3 oz Common mallow (Malva Sylvestris) flower and leaves
  • 2 oz Holy Basil (Ocimum Sanctum) aerial parts
  • .5 oz Yellowroot (Xanthorhiza Simplicissima) flowers
  • .5 oz Honeysuckle flowers


  1. Center yourself and clear your work space.
  2. Begin singing, chanting, praying or otherwise focusing your attention on the purpose of the medicine you are preparing.
  3. Lay your ingredients out in your workspace so that they are readily available.
  4. Bring 30 oz water to a simmer for 5 minutes and then let stand for 3 minutes
  5. While the water is cooling, crush all non floral plant matter minimally and place in your ceramic or glass container.
  6. Place all flowers on top of the crushed plant matter in your container.
  7. Pour steaming water onto the medicinal plant and flower mixture, making sure that all plant matter is completely submerged in the water.
  8. Cover your container and let steep for at least 20 minutes
  9. Take plant bath by adding the contents of your container to a hot soaking bath or by pouring the contents cold, over the head and body.

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