Vaginal Steaming DIY + Recipe —> A Traditional Indigenous Herbalism practice

June 16, 2023

Vaginal Steam

  Bottom (often Vaginal) steaming has been practiced since time immemorial by women and sometimes men from all continents albeit in varying forms. Bottom steaming can be very helpful for passively receiving plant medicine into the labia, vaginal canal, cervix, womb, ovaries, and other highly sensitive porous skin of the perineum and surrounding area.

  In addition to receiving medicinal properties from the essential oils and nutrients which are evaporating from the medicinal plants via the steam, you are also working to directly heat up the womb center, and which is key in promoting fertility and overall reproductive health. 
  To prepare a bottom steam of your own, simply heat up your medicinal herbs either fresh or dried as you would for a large tea decoction - bringing water to the herbs, covering, and adding heat to simmer for between 5-15 minutes on low.

   Check out one of our favorite Vaginal steaming recipes below. 

  As always, remember to keep your herbal pot covered so that the medicinal essential oils and nutrients of the plants do not escape before the bottom steaming begins.
  Once you have
simmered your herbs and water long enough to smell and see the properties of the medicinal plants taking hold in the water you can prepare a stool, steaming chair, or large skirt/ blanket with which to squat or sit over the steaming herbs while covering your legs and bottom like a heat trapping tent.  
  Word to the wise —> Before you squat or sit over the herbs make sure to test some of the steam on the sensitive area of your wrist as you would a baby bottle just to make sure that the heat is at an appropriate level.

  In modern practices some practitioners prefer to use an electric slow cooker or a crockpot so that you have better control over the temperature, and can keep the herbs steaming for a longer period.
  Administer as needed generally for up to 15 to 40 minutes per session.

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