A Sovereign C-Section, or My Sacred C-Section™—> a certification training for those who have given birth via cesarean section and their care providers.

January 31, 2024

A Sovereign C-Section, or My Sacred C-Section™—> a certification training for those who have given birth via cesarean section and their care providers.

  Staring, paralyzed on a surgical station, at the alien glow of ceiling lights is not how I imagined any of my births unfolding. As a traditional Indigenous Midwife and Birth Educator I have long been the champion of incorporating natural practices such as help from the Plant Nations. And, I am so very grateful for the long-standing traditions of safe C-sections, and the ability to give my child life while having the privilege to watch them grow. Frequently, I find myself wondering, ´is it alien at all?´, or perhaps a valiant feat to save the lives and better the futures of an already dwindling population of women and Indigenous children. Every person I’ve spoken with on the matter since giving birth via Cesarean has shown me just how resilient women have been through the decades - always enduring.

  Advocacy and care for humans giving birth, and those who are born, via Cesarean Section is something that is seldom included within holistic, traditional, or main stream birth trainings. And yet, there is evidence and records dating back hundreds if not thousands of years of successful C-sections being performed when necessary. While it can be highly controversial in the new age or natural childbirth movement - for those who would have otherwise died or become disabled, these procedures are welcomed as blessings.

  At times it´s now echoed within groups of women, including birthing communities, that the strongest warriors are the ones who experience birth with no pain medicine in a bathtub. However, the reality of healing from a serious abdominal surgery while your body also goes back to its normal postpartum state is undeniably courageous.

  What is already an embarrassing excuse for a postpartum care system within the United States and most of modernized world, becomes just atrocious for the person who undergoes major abdominal surgery - often times under emergency conditions - and is then sent them home within 48 to 72 hours to take care of a tiny helpless human without comprehensive support or even a clear road map to recovery. For hundreds of millions of women worldwide this is a reality. 

   There were times over the past 20 years of being involved with the education of birth care providers and humans who are preparing to give birth that I felt I was mindful of being inclusive to people who have C-sections. However, after having been through it, I now see painfully clear how little I understood or provided in that way. It is in the Spirit of expansion that we offer you our newest Original Instructions certification program, My Sacred C-Section. In it we include training surrounding nutrition, comfort measures, scared tissue remediation, physical rehabilitation, general postpartum care, herbal allies, traditional ceremonial practices, and a road map to recovery for those who give birth via C-Section and their care providers. 

A 4-week long online container

Live Online via Zoom

Every Sunday in April of 2024 from 

  With a global average c-section rate of over 20%, it is baffling what a huge gap still remains between holistic postpartum care and advocacy for women and still experience giving birth via cesarean section. While much of the natural birth market and wellness movements regarding reproductive health are edging on saturated, there is very little in the way of offerings for postpartum mother is recovering from C-sections.

—> Join Original Instructions School Founder Brittany Wilson and guest instructor Christine McArdle for this online certification training <—

  We are honored to now be offering this certification training workshop perfect for care providers who serve postpartum humans who gave birth via C-section, as well as for those people who may give birth via cesarean section. 

   Please see class schedule and content below

Class 1: Sunday April 7th from 11am-2pm EST 

The Sovereign C-Section Experience

   During this class we will learn the what and whys of the aspects of the Cesarean section birth which are important to advocate, plan, and prepare for logistically. From the mother and babies needs to crucial differences in the unfolding of the physical process of birth via cesarean which can greatly impact outcomes. 


Class 2: Sunday April 14th from 11am-2pm EST

Cradling the Mother                                       

    Incorporating optimal nutrition and wellness care via foods, Herbal Allies, and holistic practices make an enormous difference in the preparation for and recovery from birth via C-Section. During this class we will learn about dozens of helpful members of the Plant Nations for emotional / physical support, as well as dietary recommendations and practices which provide the perfect materials for an optimal cesarean section experience.


Class 3: Sunday April 21st from 11am-2pm EST 

Creating the Village                                                 

    During this class we will identify helpful resources and care providers for the emotional, physical, and Spiritual well being of the mother and her baby. Working together as a cohesive network alongside other care providers allows us the opportunity to become part of the Mother’s village. Furthermore, honing our skills as net workers and resource providers are will equip us with gifts which can last the recovering mother and her family a lifetime.


Class 4: Sunday April 28th from 11am-2pm EST.        

Closing of the Way                                                                

    After giving birth via Cesarean Section it is imperative that there be a physical and energetic sealing of the womb and/ or center. Additionally, it is equally as important to reconnect the pathways between the nervous and fascial networks of the body after experiencing major surgery. Throughout our last class in this series we learn several traditional and holistic techniques for sealing the womb center and reestablishing strong networks of the body.


  There are currently Partial Tuition Scholarship positions still available for this complimentary certification training. Please CLICK HERE to read more about our Community Lodge tuition scholarship program, and how to apply. 


















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