The Power of Warming and Wrapping the Womb

June 20, 2023

The Power of Warming and Wrapping the Womb

The Importance of Heat surrounding Medicinal Practices for Fertility

  Working with the element of heat when considering well womb practices for promoting a state of fertility is integral to the understanding of the natural child bearing process.

  As mammals we crave the safety and ease of being in the warmth. Keeping the womb, kidneys, and extremities heated is so key to preserving as much energy as possible for creative centers of the body—> the more energy one’s body has to spend on maintaining simple temperature homeostasis the less energy there is to go to womb, and to creating an optimal environment for giving and nurturing new life.

  The vast majority of imbalance symptoms which prevent the occurrence of a healthy embryo, pregnancy, and child tend to be diseases of a damp, cold nature or else of an overly heated and inflamed issue. Thus, providing external support to our internal organs via temperature control is essential.

The Power of the Womb Wrap

  Having a special cloth and or tapestry with which to wrap around your womb and kidneys is a traditional practice which Indigenous cultures throughout the world implement for promoting good circulation, fertility, and overall health in women. With just one special piece of cloth or tapestry has many uses for a well woman care in regards to childbearing.

  Making sure that the cloth or tapestry is large enough to wrap firmly around in front of your womb and behind your lower back and kidneys simultaneously is important. Not only does this provide extra-muscular support to the bilateral muscles and ligaments of the pelvis and womb, but it also assists greatly with our very important mission of keeping the womb warm.

 In addition to the multi faceted health benefits of womb or belly wrapping, it is traditional within many practicing cultures throughout the world for the special cloth or womb wrap to be ceremonial in nature often having symbols or prayers on it which have been known to increase fertility.

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