Anti-Aging Body Scrub

July 20, 2018

Anti-Aging Body Scrub

Mexican Vanilla and Cinnamon Body Scrub

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Preparation time:   18-30 minutes depending on your methods

Ingredients:     1 cups sea salt
                                1/2 cup brown sugar
                                1/5 cup almond or avocado oil
                                 3 tbsp vanilla (cold-pressed or extract)
                                 2 tbsp finely ground cinnamon 
                                 1 tbsp primrose oil
1 glass (or other waterproof material) container with a volume capacity of at least 2.5 cups, and with an air-tight container.
1 glass mixing bowl


 Begin by clearing your mind and focusing your full attention on medicine making, preferable through singing or chanting.

  Make sure that all of the utensils, supplies, and ingredients you will use in this process are clean and organized in your workspace. 

  Next, mix all of the dry ingredients together in the glass bowl. 

  Once the dry ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together slowly add the 1/5 cup of oil by slowly kneading it into the dry mixture with a wooden spoon. 

  When the dry mixture appears to be evenly moistened, slowly knead the Mexican Vanilla extract and Primrose oil into the scrub. 


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