Winter Vitality —> Easy DIY: Fresh Yule Potpourri

December 16, 2022

Winter Vitality —> Easy DIY: Fresh Yule Potpourri

    Yuletide crafting relates not only to our home heath environment, but also heavily upon adding beauty, color, and cheer to the darkest Winter yet to come.  
   Throughout the season(s) which for many brings darkness, cold, and at times illness it has long been crucial for the Human population to build relationships with plants which have immune boosting, and anti microbial properties. By incorporating seasonal Herbal Allies such as Citrus, Clove, Cinnamon, Cranberry, Juniper, Cedar, Holly, and Fir into our hearths and homes we have preserved these important immune boosting traditions of our Ancestors. One of my personal favorite ways of doing this is to make seasonal Yule Potpourri Baskets filled with dried a decorated Citrus, Clove, and Cinnamon. They act as a fun family craft, beautiful seasonal table decorations, and a natural immune boosting essential oil “diffuser”. Enjoy, and make this traditional craft your own this holiday season.

  Ingredients + Materials 

- Round Citrus Fruits, Fresh (orange, mandarin, grapefruit, etc) 

- Skinny decorative ribbon (preferably cotton or linen)

- Dried whole Cloves 

- Dried Cinnamon sticks

- Dehydrated Citrus slices *To make your own dried citrus slices simply slice the fresh citrus and place in a dehydrator, or else in the oven on a baking pan at 82 degrees Celsius. 

- Optional Sparkles (to taste)

Steps - How To

 1. Cut a piece of ribbon big enough to wrap around the center of the Citris fruit several

  2. Wrap cut the ribbon around the center of the Citrus fruit by securely tying the ribbon on the opposite side of the fruit. Repeat on both opposite sides of the Citrus fruit, and leave enough ribbon to tie a bow either side of the last

3. Take the whole cloves in your fingers and gently but firmly push each individual clove into the fresh citrus. Experiment with your own unique and traditional patterns. In the pattern shown below I am following the sides of the ribbon on all sides. 
4. Tie the excess ribbon dangling into a decorative bow at the top of the Citrus fruit. This is also an opportunity to tie a loop, and make these into aromatic tree

5. Arrange your aromatic Yule citrus fruit in an arrangement along with your dried Citrus slices, dried Cinnamon sticks, fresh springs of Cedar, and other seasonal Herbal Allies. Top with sparkles to taste.

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