A Brief Note on Spiritually Bypassing Survivors

March 08, 2023

A Brief Note on Spiritually Bypassing Survivors

A quick note on personality shaming in regards to sexual + reproductive trauma:

Some harmful things that well-meaning people say when you’re an assertive, outspoken woman who has survived sexual and/ or reproductive trauma;

1. “......but you’re so strong......”
2. “ You are a very sexual woman.”
3. “ It couldn’t have been that bad.”
4. “ Things like that don’t happen to people like you.”
5. “ You are an intense person......”
6. “ If it was that bad then why are you so strong?”
7. “ Everything happens for a reason... it made you who you are today.”

 This is for all the ladies out there who have survived (or are surviving) sexual trauma, only to have those closest to them deny their credibility. 
 Your personality does not need to fit into society’s mold in order for you deserve to be heard. Having trusted the wrong person (or people) does not make you weak.
 Remember, these people making comments like this to you are personality shaming. They are literally doing the same thing as responding to a woman who has been raped by asking her what she was wearing. Spiritual bypassing is rampant today while authenticity is rare. 

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