DIY All Purpose Cleaner Recipe for Killing Bacteria and Bad Juju

October 07, 2022

DIY All Purpose Cleaner Recipe for Killing Bacteria and Bad Juju

  Clearing out our homes, lodges, bodies, minds and hearts in a deep and thorough way can be highly gratifying while setting us up for clarity and success. Whether you go full throttle in the process of giving away anything that is no longer serving your Life or simply decide to give your home the good once over, these practical tips for deep cleaning are certain to lend themselves to a sense of cleanliness staying with you for many moons... or at least until next week, depending on how toxic your lifestyle is.

  One of the most refreshing ways to add the super deep clean, and final touch on your home once its' been tidied, is to make your own floor cleaning concoction.

  Here is the recipe of my favorite mixture, but please keep in mind that working with your own personal plant alliances, when possible, is always preferred:


  1. In a clear, large container of 3 liters fresh water add
    • *two tablespoons vinegar
    • *half a teaspoon of sea salt
    • *two handfuls calendula flowers
    • *two handfuls basil flowers
    • *one handful bay leaves
    • *4 sticks of cinnamon essential oil
  1. Set mixture in the full sun for 2 hours or more.
  2. Strain and use in an empty spray bottle or floor cleaner bucket.
  3. Clean your floors and home surfaces… especially corners and doorways!

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